Saturday, June 27, 2009


Mr R:" Is the raw material arriving...???"
Me:" Dude i can give u the informantion given to me...and as far as i know we should be expecting it this weekend"
Mr R:"So when can we expect it???"
Me:"dude!!!! the weekend!!!"

TIme Passes....

Time 09:00 hrs 27.06.09

Mr R:" has it arrived yet???"

Time 10:00 hrs 27.06.09

Mr R:"has is arrived yet???"

Time 10.30 hrs 27.06.09

Mr GM:" has it arrived yet???"


After a brief interval...i get a couple more calls regarding the same....

Time 12:00 hrs 27.06.09

Me:" hartal ji...aapki gaadi abhi tak pahunchi nahin hai"
Mr Hartal:" aayaega ji...aaj shyam tak aayega"

Time 15:00 hrs 27.06.09

Me:" hartal driver ka number dijiyae bhai!"
Mr Hartal:" Driver ka number nahin hai ji...aap tension mat lo....aaj shyam tak pahun jaayaega"


Time 16:00 hrs 27.06.09

I redial the number....

Operator:" This phone is out of service area plz try again later!!!"
(bling bling....screwed)

I call up ma GM and tell him the matter....


Mr R:" the party is leaving from ernakulam to take the delivery"
Me:" Dude....why are u sending the party to collect a product whose raw material has not reached!!!"
Mr R:"they ain listening!!!!"


Time 17:00 hrs 27.06.09

the party arrives...

Party:" So when can we expect the product delivery??"
Party:"Tell me things straightforward"
Me:" IF Raw material arrives today...product delivery today :D "
Party:"Talk to me boss"

I tell the same to his boss....and then me boss calls and i tell the same to him.... :|

I sit till 18:00 hrs expecting the trailor containing the coils(raw material) to still i leave for home...

Me and ma friends plan to watch a movie...sitting in the theatre i get the call from the office...

Mr M:" Anand...the coils have arrived...but the coil for the delivery for the party is not there in it!!!!!!"

Me:" Dood....we're screwed!!!"

i sat laughing in the theatre hall most of the time...looking at the irony of how things happen....apparently the set of coils they want arrive today(sunday) and am here at work instead having a holiday expecting them to arrive so we can deliver their product....

The part which is frustrating is...all this tension was taken expecting that we should deliver the product by sunday the production by satuday night....Now they say...NO NO...its monday morning!.....

Ive screamed at as many people today as possibly i can...

But apparently...this is wat is called BUSINESS!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A fish Market

Its been quite a long time since ive posted something in my blog. Well i guess its time to be active again. College got over. Im over my depression of college getting over. Now im pretty busy over work. But still i think i can squeeze in something from the lil amount of time that i get away from work.

I had the opportunity of going to the fish market this morning. Dad woke me up saying he wanted a drive coz hez too lazy giving me an explanation that he is getting old. Howsoever true it is i just think hez a bit lazy. He keeps nagging about my bike saying the horn does not work or the indicator got switched off blah blah!...Hez lazy! end of story....Back to morning blues of waking up at 6.45 am and preparing to go to the fish's and only warning was...dont step into the market...let dad do the dirty job :P....but inspite of the threat i decided to get in...the drive was roughly around 15 minutes and found a bad place to park the bike. Dad tucked up his pant to make it a 3/4th(as its called now) so that dirt doesn spill. As in entered the fish market i realized that however fun people make of it saying that a fish market is badly organized...i say that it isnt so...a fish market is pretty organized...atleast the one i saw...

As i walked with my dad...i saw shops neatly placed adjacent to each other with names like Abdullah Fish Mart...Anto Fish Mart....each having their products outside trying to market it their best...each seller placed a secret password into my dads ear saying the price he was ready to sell for...

This is how the procedure works...
#1. Dad has set of fish(diff ones) which he plans to buy
#2. He has set an approx price for each set of fish
#3. He has determined the qty that he wants to buy with respect to the price
#4. The fish seller knows whats running in my dads mind
#5. But he doesn know wats the price in his brain.
#6. As my dad walks past each shop each seller quotes the price of all the fish just in a matter of a few seconds
#7. Somewhere..the price strikes...quality being the same in each shop...
#8. The pit stop is made...some bargaining is done...the bag is filled...and we're gonna scoot

This is a detailed procedure of how it market...organized or unorganized??????