Thursday, August 28, 2008

The deserving Or The deprived

It was 11:00 in the clock on a wednesday night. I took my glass and asked my friend to pour a shot. It was not any night. It was one of the most exciting nights for us. A night after which we were entering a whole different world. We were going for a job hunt. People were going to test us. They without knowing us were going to judge us within a matter of minutes and decide our fate. Yeah! Placements!!! Me and my friends reached 2 days earlier to hang out and chit chat about what we did during the vacation and of course boozing and knocking ourselves out. Well i hate to say it but when people say that after a person drinks they get totally out of control i everytime want to object it. Not because booze is a very good thing but i just dont want them to get a wrong idea about its purpose. It makes people think, makes peoples mind clear and let them think deep about what is important to them. So with the placements coming we were a bit concerned abt reserved seats in companies for the Sc/st. I had to say even i wanted to know the reasons for all this. So everyone had theirs first shot and all were in a mood to talk. So the topic was put forth and everyone voiced their opinion. And it was a night when i understood a bit more about the world.
We have really good friends and even though some of them fell in that category they were ready to listen to us and clear our doubts. The first thing which we put forth was the statements of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in his letter about installation of IITs where he said that All students shall be considered equal and there shall be no reservations for any caste of any creed. But thats not the case now is it? Every precious institution has its reservations and keeps getting higher every year....When i had asked my parents about this they had told me that during the period of pre-independence some people were slapped to the ground not allowing them to get up at all-metaphorically. They were deprived of the right to develop. They were not allowed to do normal things a human has the right to. Or to ever voice their opinions. The generation now is doing the paschatapam or repenting on this by having their seats taken in the name of reservation. But my friends cleared my thoughts and doubts on it. Trust me when u have your notions on such a matter it is better to clear it before you become an anti social because you can get into big trouble!!!! What my friends said was that there are people who in the name of reservation keep exploited these benefits. But there actually are a group who are still downtrodden. Not because they are not smart or dont have the potential but because they lack the simple opportunities that we get in excess. They cant afford to have the facilities that any middle class can. Even they agree that reservations should be on the salary per annum basis for each family. If they deserve it they should get it else and not exploit it even when you can afford as much as a middle class can. I have seen the latter, my friend who inspite of being in that category opted for general because he was smart enough. I have seen people who want to bring their families in a good position. Me and my classmate C.Deepak share a nice relationship. We talk our hearts out. One day when he came and told me whether i knew he was SC. I was taken aback. We never put a tag on our friends do we? We dont judge them by their caste or religion do we?. I respected him for telling that but also felt bad. Yeah, we have come to a point where we dont differentitate between people. We dont want to know who is in which sect, which religion or anything of that sort but the narrow minded people in our country, f****in illiterates!!!! I enjoy christmas, diwali, id, holi. I think everyone does. So why do we always raise the issue of Reservation.

Well for a minute imagine yourself in their shoes. What would you do if you were locked in a cage and the key was thrown??? wouldnt you suffocate and want to get out??? Well with the narrow minded people in our world this is exactly where they are in- A locked box with the key thrown. But the government has managed to make a small window for them to breate. A window where opportunities and future is there. They too want to be free. They too want to see a country without any reservation, where everyone are equal and are free men! I think they deserve it. We should support them. May be not in the near future but atleast our future generations would get a chance to see it.

Its true what Russel Peters says in his comedy show...." Countries hate each others, indians hate among themselves". And hate to say it its true.FYI Russel peters is an Indian. Even though i laughed at it it was sooo true! Indians do hate each other. Envy, jealousy, greed...all of it has consumed us. We know we are smart people among the world but we hate to work. We are too lazy to get up and raise the log which builds our home. We dont want to do the dirty work of cleaning the disease of illiteracy. We want to sit in our f***in chair and watch the tv. Whats gonna happen to us, soon we will be the deprived!



I have a reason to believe that landing in this college was not just coincidence but well defined pathway to my destiny just like the movie final destination. Clearly i have no one to blame but myself because i had a choice, like everyone does, a choice to make a life, a life which i can learn from and enjoy and make the best use of it. But let me ask you a question- Have you ever made a choice were you dont know what you are gonna end in? Have you made a decision were you know that its not gonna do any good for you even when others want the opposite? Have you ever had so much regret in life that you have stopped hoping for anything ever???? Friends,relatives, girlfriends, boyfriends all have a role to play in this.

I had a choice of getting into a lot of good colleges. But i chose this not because it was the 14th rank tech college or anything but because i had a lot of friends and my love for this place called Gods own country. It feels comfortable to be among the ones you love doesnt it? But the amount of frustration and anger i feel now is way beyond what i would have ever thought of. I have spoiled my future, my life, my integrity with myself and my self respect. I know what or who i was before and what or who i am now! Clearly not the same.....Because once you look into a mirror you can spot the difference between the two. Betrayel, love, hate....if all this is confined in one package thats the box i was in after landing here. I have perpetually stopped expecting things from life or people because this world is more to the eye than wat you see. If you believe that you have seen everything in life its not so. Life is beautiful i have to agree but it comes to you in wierd ways. Small joys from movies, music, fun with friends are all in this wierd ways because you never realize you are happy until you are asked the question!

I havent really given a deep thought into what really is wrong but im inclined to believe that it all started with me opting for mechanical from which i expected a lot and got nothing. Its been my dream since childhood inspired by my uncle that being a mech engg would truly help me in life. A career i wanted to launch and the best sought after place in kerala...nitc...its not a bad place but being here just makes me wanna throw up. With the rising standards of education my college tried to bring out the best in students by f***ing them over for small reasons. A lot of my friends have lost a year thanks to their insensitive nature. I meant "their" because the college is not run by highly brilliant folks but by normal people who i believe rub their frustration on us. Being an average student i expected teachers to interact and teach me or us with a practical intuition. Leaving practical intuition they tell us to visualize. What should we visualize??? a slider motion, a digital circuit or a kickass algorithm ? dont these "intelligent" folks with a abcd degree from xyz college know that the way student learn varies from person to person? When i was in school i had a chance to listen to Swamini who told that there are 2 kinds of people...One who could learn by seeing things and the other who could learn by hearing. So when we listen to the prof in the class about an engine what do you think the people with the other ability would be thinking? a blank 0...i know that feeling. It makes me wanna sleep and do stuff in class which according to profs are disrespectful or signs of a bad student. I would like to say one thing..." plz dont judge me without knowing me...i don give a f*** about wat u think anyway"!!!! So beat me with a rod and i swear i wont keep quite!!! I know there are people like me, but in the name of struggle and hardwork they neglect what they really want in life. Im jus trying to ignite something here. Make yourself heard. Make yourself important. In this competitive world if you do not grab a chance you will lose. Stand with me. Lets make this world better.