Monday, September 8, 2008

Who Am I????

Have u ever wondered where u are from? Or what your cultural history is? In this modern age we dont keep track of all this but let me tell u mine....How my people started off and where i am now and how my life has changed!
I am a part of a community called Gowd Saraswat Brahmins. They are from a race of Aryans who initially lived in the mountains of kashmir. But soon after they migrated from there to the banks of River Saraswat. The goddess of the river appeared before them and told them they could have the food from the flowing water ie. fish. That is how they were termed Gowd Saraswat brahmins owing their name to the river where they started their civilization! And that is how we started eating fish too :P . After the river dried they moved to the coasts of malabar and the Goan coast. After the portugese took over the Goan lands most of them where converted into christians but the language was retained...Konkani. Konkani has various dialects. People in the southern part of Kerala have a different style from the northen part. I am from the northern part....Kasargod which is the last district of Kerala. There are a number of people living in these areas....Kasargod, Ernakulam and so on. There are a lot of people from Karnataka too.

If u ask me where i am from i wouldnt have an answer because i was born in Kerala but brought up in other places. My father works in a bank so he often moves from places to places owing to transfers. As i have learnt from my parents, we were first settled in Kasargod when i was lil baby. Then we moved to Chandigarh where i did my nursery :D . After 2 years due to problems in chandigarh we had to move to Trivandrum where i did my UKG. My dad got promoted there and we were shifted to Bangalore. Now this was a prominent period in my life. Six years in one city. A city with different people from various nativities. Since we lived in an apartment i had a chance to mingle with a lot of people from different places. Tamilians, Kannadigas, Maharashtrians......all of em...and that is why i know a lot of languages. I studied in an ICSE school there, a tough curriculum to be in! hehe....but my English got better. I remember we were fined 5 rs for speaking in Kannada in school.LOL...What a punishment eh! Revenue generation i say! After a long period in bangalore my dad got promoted and we shifted to the cultural capital of Kerala...Thrissur. A beautiful place with amazing people. This is where i made the bond. My heart merged with the place. The poeple the serenity of the place consumed me! I made a lot of good friends here.....Chinmaya Vidyalaya where i studied....7th to 12th....a school that gave my more than what i could give back. A place which moulded my personality! And now i am in calicut....NITC!!!!! with a lot of friends and pals from thrissur and i still love being with them.
My vacations in college, though, are in Mumbai.....shining city of got transferred there. A hectic place to be in but being with friends makes the place beautiful!

This is my story of where i u tell me....if u ask me where i am from....what should i say??? You tell me!


gayathri said...

Pai-->>multilingual multifarious :D

Another Blogger said...

from India dude!!!

i have a friend who is a Gowd saraswat brahmin - half kannadiga and half tamilian, settled in mumbai but always lived in dubai.. he cant even say india!!

welcome to the global village.